Warehousing Operation & Distribution

Along with providing world-class warehousing facilities, we handle start-to-end warehouse operational activities as Carrying and Forwarding Agents. We offer customized solutions and absolute flexibility in operations as suitable to our clients according to product category to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Cases Dispatched:
12.5 Lakhs+ per month

Vehicle Movement:
5000 + per month

Central Warehousing Activities

Managing Pharmaceutical Institutional Supplies

Carrying and Forwarding Agent Services

Super Stockists Operation

E-Commerce Operation

Physician Samples and Promotional Material dispatch

Operational Synopsis

  • Handling receipt of goods from factories and overseas import locations
  • Dealing with all the quality checks and storage of goods in the required temperature zone
  • Purchase Order processing and Invoice generation
  • Trained and skilled manpower with standardized processes ensures the highest accuracy in picking and packing
  • Order processing, fulfilment, and dispatch through inhouse or associated agencies
  • Payment collection and settlement as per the credit policy of the client
  • Managing reverse logistics: Dealing with Damages, expiry, recall, and credit note processing
  • Safe and environment-friendly destruction of unwanted goods

Technological Advantage

  • A robust Warehouse Management System configured with appropriate operational logic through product classification and storage allocation helps maintain efficient warehouse operations and zero discrepancies.
  • Real-time technology helps towards enhanced visibility, picking accuracy, reduction in turnaround time, faster replenishment, and effective use of Material Handling Equipment.
  • Use of GPS-enabled devices for real-time tracking of consignment.
  • Order Fulfilment System- consolidation of multiple invoices, efficient dispatches, enhanced tracking of consignment, effective after-sales support
  • The use of MIS enables better planning and quick decision-making
  • Efficient inventory cycle count and reconciliation